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Early Years Transition:
Starting School


A Typical Day in Reception


Storybook group reading


Choosing our own learning


Fruit time then playtime


Choosing our own learning 

Story/singing/reviewing our learning





Choosing our own learning

Story/singing/reviewing our learning

Twice a week, we attend whole school assemblies. At different times in the week, we also have two PE lessons, a PSHE lesson, an RE lesson, a Music lesson and learning linked to our topic. We have a balance of adult-led learning and child-initiated learning throughout the day using a mixture of learning inside the classroom and learning in our outdoor area. 

This is Mrs Burtoft, our Early Years Leader and Butterflies Class Teacher. As well as teaching Butterflies, she will also be overseeing the Early Years Team. She has chosen to read one of her favourite stories about Butterflies! 

Please visit the links above for helpful guidance on your child starting school. The  guides cover topics like getting to and from school safely, what to do when you first get into school such as where to put your bags and hang your coat etc, and what happens at lunch times. It's an informative but fun way to speak to your child about their new journey in school life. 

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Listen to our Radio message to hear some of our Roundswell children talking excitedly about their school days to encourage more children to join them!

Below are some books we recommend to help your child with starting school. 

Here are some pictures of what our school uniform looks like. 

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summer dress 2.jpg
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EYTP 1.png
girls summer uniform 1.jpg

Bookbags and Reading Logs

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bookbag1 .jpeg
book bag .jpeg

Reception Class Staff

butterflies class.jpg
dragonflies class .jpg

Mrs Copp is one of the Teaching Assistants in Butterflies and has chosen to read the book 'Welcome'. Mrs Copp has been a Teaching Assistant at Roundswell Primary School since September 2022.

Miss Galliford is our new Dragonflies Class Teacher. Miss Galliford was a trainee teacher last year, in Bumblebees class and is very excited to have moved up to Dragonflies with a lot of the children who were in Bumblebees! Miss Galliford has chosen to read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. 

Miss Wilkins is one of the Teaching Assistants in Butterflies. Miss Wilkins started her journey at Roundswell Primary School as a student from Petroc and we are very excited to have her back as a qualified TA. Miss Wilkins has chosen to read 'Barry the Fish with Fingers'.


This is Mrs McGovery. Mrs McGovery joined us in September 2023. She is a Teaching Assistant in Dragonflies Class. 

This is Mrs Wheeler. Mrs Wheeler has been a Teaching Assistant at Roundswell Primary School since 2021 and was previously a Meal Time Assistant. 

This is Mrs Stabb. Mrs Stabb will know many of the children all around the school as she is our Breakfast Club Lead and will also move between classes. 

This is Mrs Burtoft. Mrs Burtoft joined our school in September 2021 as Butterflies Teacher and Head of Early Years. She has over 21 years experience in teaching and has spent the past 10 years focussing on Early Years, as this is the area of education she is most passionate about. Mrs Burtoft leads English and Art and is usually the member of staff who arranges all of our wonderful events such as Christmas Markets and Summer Fairs! 


We look forward to welcoming our new Reception pupils to our transition sessions in June and July. Please look out for an email with more information.

Reception team 23-24.PNG
Reception team 23-24.PNG
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