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Our current Chair of the Academy Community Board is Scott Cleverdon

Roundswell Community Primary Academy

Claypits Road



EX31 3WJ


The Key Roles of our Academy Community Board (ACB) will be:

  • To advise/act as a critical friend to the Head Teacher

  • To advise the Board of Trustees about local issues they need to consider that affect the academy through Chairs group of to a nominated Trustee

  • Represent the interest of the Academy community in the running of the Academy

  • Represent the Academy in its community

The main purpose of these roles is to enable ACBs to be able to express and act on local views and issues – views of parents and the community etc. One of the key purposes of an ACB is to ensure that the Academy is a good expression of what and who TLP and the Academy is in the local community. Therefore, these roles are about ensuring that the TLP and School ethos is “lived” out in the Academy on a day-to-day basis.


The five roles translate specifically into the following tasks that the ACB undertakes:

  • it acts as a key link between the Academy, parents and local community; (through a termly meeting structure);

  • it supports the work of the Academy in the community;

  • it supports the Head Teacher and Academy Leadership Team in the development and implementation of the Academy Improvement Plan and other relevant plans, ensuring that the TLP/School ethos remains at the heart of the Academy community;

  • it supports Academy first committee processes and Trust appeals processes

  • it offers challenging but positive and proactive support to the Head Teacher

  • it is directly involved in TLP review processes and in particular the ISIP to support the review of the school

The ACB’s role will not be to “manage” the Academy as such. This is already done through the Board of Trustees.

Therefore, the ACB will not required to take decisions on staff or financial matters affecting the Academy.

The ACB Members will have an understanding of strategic issues that impact on the Academy, and be updated on them regularly by the Head Teacher, but will not be required to have direct responsibility for them. Instead our ACB should be in a position to assess the impact of our Academy locally; how it is contributing to the local community, how it is relating to local families and how it understands local issues. This in turn, will enable the ACB to contribute effectively to decisions which may require ACB involvement.

As the Board of Trustees takes responsibility for educational standards, legal compliance and financial viability, our ACB will then have the time to explore how the TLP/School ethos is being understood and expressed in the way the Academy operates. The views of ACB Members, as a parent, member of staff or as part of the community is vital in this discussion.


The Constitution of the ACB

The planned constitution of the ACB, will be a minimum of 5 members to a maximum of 9. The Headteacher will be ex-officio.

At least 30% of Members will be staff, 30% parents and 30% from the community.


If you have any interest in becoming one of our ACB Members, please contact Emma Stubbs, School Business Manager in the office.

Meet Our Members


Scott Cleverdon- Chair
Parent Representative


Vicki Russell- Vice Chair
Community Representative


Ben White 
Parent Representative


Lizzy Toon- Deputy Head
Staff Representative


Kate Fairbrother- Head Teacher 
Staff Representative

Our members are happy to be stopped during the school run or you can email them during the day for items to be considered at the meetings.

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