Our School Governors

The Local Governing Body of Roundswell Community Primary Academy will be appointed during the schools first year. The experienced Directors of the Tarka Learning Partnership will oversee the development of this school and will be offering their experience as Governors to the new school.


The Roundswell Community Primary Academy is responsible for the membership of their own Local Governing Body, however the Board of Directors is still ultimately accountable therefore the Board of Directors who must approve the constitution of the Local Governing Body, including any changes to the constitution or membership. Overall the number of Governors on the LGB cannot be less than 7 and can be no more than 30% Staff Governors or 30% Parent Governors of the total number of Governors. Number of employees on the Local Governing Body, including the Head teacher cannot exceed one third of the total number of Governors. 

The Local Governing Body is a Committee of the Board of Directors and has delegated decision making powers in accordance with the Scheme of Delegation. Sub Committees or a working party can be used where a Governing body deems it necessary to support workload, but these bodies have no decision making powers. The Local Governing Body is held to account for the performance of the school by the Board of Directors of the Tarka Learning Partnership. 

The structure is for each school to have a Local Governing Body Committee which meets at least every half term. Meeting minutes go to the relevant Board of Directors for review.

Pecuniary Interests