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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the School be ready in time?

The construction company are ahead of schedule and due to hand the building over to us on the 31st July if not sooner. The school will be ready to go with furniture, educational equipment, computers and items such as exercise books, pencils and glue sticks!

Outside there will be a car park, paths, wooden play areas, playground markings and the forest school will be ready for use.

Why Nursery and Reception only?

We are led and funded by the Department for Education who have requested that we open with Nursery and Reception classes at this precise time. It is necessary that we adhere to such guidance.

What is a modular building?

Modular buildings are created from single prefabricated units, known as modules, which are individually built in a factory to be later assembled on site. Modules can be placed side-by-side, end-to-end, or stacked, allowing a variety of configurations or building layouts. This design flexibility means they can meet the needs of any number of different projects.

Each steel-framed module is manufactured to exacting tolerances under controlled-factory conditions, maximising their strength and quality. The modules are fully-fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes before they leave the factory. Once completed, the modules are transported to site by road then craned into position.



Faster build time

Reduced waste

Cost effective

Less noise and disruption on site

Fewer vehicle movements

My child is starting in Reception and will always be the eldest in school - are they going to miss out on interacting with older children?

Children at Roundswell will have many opportunities to interact with other year groups from other schools. Roundswell is part of the Tarka Learning Partnership, a Multi Academy Trust. Sticklepath, Landkey, Eden Park, Newport, Fremington, North Molton and Park Community School are also part of the Trust and are looking forward to working with Roundswell to share resources, facilities and learning experiences, in order to secure the best possible education for the children in North Devon.

What opportunities will there be for sports?

Children at Roundswell will have the opportunity to be involved in sports competitions and local sports festivals, potentially with children from other schools within the Trust. Children will have a sports day and participate in daily fitness activities. The sporting facilities at Roundswell are exceptional.

Will you provide Music lessons?

Children who are interested in learning a musical instrument will have the option to do so. We will enable access to peripatetic music teachers and are already involved in preliminary discussions with them.

Will there be much outdoor learning?

Learning outside the classroom will support the children’s development of healthy and active lifestyles and will promote creativity, exploration and wellbeing. WiFi access in outdoor areas will serve to enhance such learning experiences.

Children will gain an understanding and a respect for nature, the environment and the creatures and animals that live around them.

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