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Our Nursery - virtual tour


This is the little gate you will come through to enter the nursery playground and line up ready to go into your classroom.


This is the other side of the playground. You can see the doors that you will go through to enter your classroom. Look at some of the toys you will get to play with! 

A Typical Day in Nursery:

As soon as the children arrive, they can explore the activities provided whilst the register is completed. They are encouraged to put their belongings in their designated locker, independently and their drinks bottle and snack in the designated area.


There is a short whole class session learning nursery rhymes, sharing a traditional tale or completing a phonics session then child-initiated and adult-led activities are completed. 

Story, singing or reviewing our learning



There is a short whole class session which is topic based. The children are then encouraged to take part in child-initiated or adult-led activities. 

A range of activities are provided throughout the day base don the seven areas of learning. Learning is completed inside the classroom and in our outside area. There are also two PE sessions in the hall. 

Nursery information for new starters.tif
This is the lunch box trolley, where you will put your lunch box if you are packed lunch. 
This is the snack and water bottle trolley, where you put your snack and drinks bottle.
Above are some pictures of our nursery. You can see the outside area, where there are lots of activities you can enjoy. Inside, there is a picture of the toilets where we have little toilets especially for little people! Inside, we have a carpet space where you will take part in group activities. We also have a reading corner, a play kitchen and tables which are set up each day with different activities. 
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Here are some children taking part in a group activity using our smart board. You can see in one of the photos, that Miss Cooper is holding a puppet. We have several puppets, including; Non-negotiable Ned, Superpower Sam, Teamwork Tallulah and Communicating Claude. All the children have an introduction to our puppets and aim to be like them. If they have taken part in a group activity and been fantastic at working as part of a team, Mrs Pile may say that you have been great at being a 'Teamwork Tallulah' today. 
There is also a 'Star of the Week' which the children in the rest of the school also work towards. Each week, a different child will receive a certificate showing that they have been awarded 'Star of the Week' and a reason why they have been chosen. 

This is Mrs Pile. Mrs Pile is our new nursery teacher and joined us in September 2023. Mrs Pile has worked in Early Years for the last 7 years at West Exmoor Federation and is really looking forward to meeting all of your children in Bumblebees! 

This is Mrs Roberts. Mrs Roberts is also new to our school and joined us in September 2023. She is one of three teaching assistants in Bumblebees.

This is Mrs Law. Mrs Law is well known to the school and volunteered with us in 2022/2023 but has recently joined us in September 2023 as a teaching assistant in Bumblebees.


This is Mrs Barnard. Mrs Barnard joined the school as a teaching assistant in September 2022 and was previously a Meal Time Assistant at the school. Mrs Barnard remains as a teaching assistant in Bumblebees this year so many of the existing children know her well. 

Sophia: "I like playing with the barbie dolls and campervan. I like playing outside with the hoola hoops and I like making bears with the paint". 
Finley: "I like playing with the Lego and bears. I like playing hide and seek and tag outside". 
Willow: "I love playing with the playdough, making yummy vanilla cakes. I like the forest school and looking for butterflies and chiggy pigs".
Nikola: "I like playing hide and seek outside. I like playing with the ponies, building a castle and decorating paper picture".
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