Early Reading and Phonics

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Nursery recommended reading at home

Reception recommended reading at home

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Year 1 recommended reading at home

At RCPA we use the Read, Write Inc Scheme to teach our children phonics

There are lots of great websites to help parents support their child at home with their phonics journey:

Please find websites and games below to support reading and phonics at home:

We are encouraging children to read each book bag book three times. This is to encourage them to become more fluent with the words and then focus on reading like a ‘storyteller’ e.g. using expression as well as gaining a good understanding of what is happening in the story. It is difficult for a child to focus on the meaning of a story while they are decoding the words so as their speed of reading increases so does their ability to focus on the content of the story.

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Learn to read accurately by age six… read to learn for the rest of your life. 

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Barnstaple Library have regular reading challenges for children of all ages. They encourage children to read with various activities, stickers, certificates, competitions and more! They have a great range of books, fiction and non fiction, to get children interested in reading and its free!