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All young people can achieve

The above chart represents the purpose of the Trust; the RCPA will benefit from the breadth, capacity and scope of the Tarka Learning Partnership.

Education Vision, Ethos and Values

‘Learning Together, Achieving Together’

Our school aims to be a positive, caring community in which each individual is valued and respected. We endeavour to provide a high quality learning environment to enable children and staff to learn about the world and embrace learning for life.  

Personal Attributes of Pupils/Staff


To foster and develop confident, open and receptive learners, who are able to communicate, think creatively and critically, and embrace challenge through

  • expectation

  • modelling

  • the Academy’s curriculum and other learning opportunities

  • approach to teaching and learning

  • relationships between all school partners in the Tarka Learning Partnership and the education system as a whole




To encourage each individual to maximise their potential as highly motivated lifelong learners through

  • recognition of achievement

  • building self-confidence

  • promoting self-discipline

  • expectation

  • embracing change

  • commitment


Learning Environment.


To provide a welcoming, well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing learning environment, with high expectations of behaviour, effort and achievement through

  • the Tarka Learning Partnership school improvement framework

  • the School Code of Conduct,

  • provision for health and safety

  • the highest staff expectations of pupils’ behaviour 

  • effective and responsive systems of monitoring individual pupil and staff performance.

  • stimulating displays

  • environmental responsibility



Sense of Place


To enable children to value and develop a sense of community through

  • celebrating our rich and varied local area

  • participating in and leading local events 

  • opportunities to experience life and cultures both within the UK and the wider world.

  • engaging with the global learning goals and the curriculum





To develop and promote positive relationships within the Trust, school community, with parents and the wider world through

  • an active contribution to the Tarka Learning Partnership

  • an active involvement in the learning process

  • modelling

  • expectation

  • opportunities to collaborate

  • high quality leadership

  • effective communication systems

  • family group



Well Being


To provide high quality social, moral and personal education, appropriate to the needs of the child, allowing each individual to lead a rewarding and happy life through

  • the Academy’s curriculum

  • programme of collective worship

  • school relationships

  • opportunities to raise an individual’s self esteem

  • links to outside agencies

  • self-respect and respect for others


Curriculum -  Skills/ Knowledge


To provide a rich curriculum that creates meaningful opportunities for the development of skills and knowledge through

  • a high quality curriculum

  • a wide variety of approaches to teaching and learning

  • allowing pupils to make mistakes

  • supporting children in taking them to the ‘edge of their learning’




To allow all pupils to access the Academy’s curriculum and participate in all areas of school life through

  • promotion of British values

  • an effective equal opportunities policy

  • highly inclusive and supportive learning environment

From analysis of the types of housing provided by existing developers and Devon County Council, the percentage of disadvantaged families is likely to be relatively low at about 5% - 15% with EAL pupils estimated up to 4%, which closely mirrors the profile of pupils at Newport Community School Primary Academy (NCSPA).


The Free School bid made in 2016 was based on replicating the curriculum and the teaching and learning pedagogy at NCSPA (Ofsted Outstanding Academy 2008. 2015). The initial vision for the school which will be reviewed, as with all high quality schools, on a regular basis to reflect context, performance and strategic goals.


There are important differences between the original position of NCSPA as a stand-a-lone school and the Roundswell Academy, for example, RCPA is a constituent member school in the Tarka Learning Partnership, part of a large local Trust with the capacity to support. This Trust will be able to provide external challenge and support.


The vision for the Academy is based on an ambition to provide an outstanding local school, which provides a centre to its community. Factors which were taken into consideration when designing the vision: -


  • Relative geographical isolation of the area with relatively poor transport links – the curriculum has been carefully designed to promote the global learning goals and take pupils out of their local community.

  • Ageing population / low aspiration – Coastal communities often have lower outcomes for pupils and it is the vision for this school to ensure there is strong standards of oracy, maths and literacy.

  • National rates of obesity / health – The curriculum is designed to support clear progressive programmes of work in PSHE, PE and SRE and there is provision for the daily mile run.

  • Centre for extended school day – The local community of new housing has very little provision for community facilities, so the school will provide wrap around care and extended hours support for local community groups.

  • High expectations of behaviour – The learning environment needs to focus on teaching and learning and to achieve this, it is expected that the highest standards of pupil behaviour are maintained.

  • Broad and balanced curriculum – The NCSPA avoided the trap of narrowing the curriculum to boost learning in maths and English. Instead a broad curriculum is provided to support primary language, arts, humanities and sport to promote pupil interest and promote relevant skills, knowledge and understanding.

Rationale for the School Vision

The Academy, once built, will be situated on the edge of Roundswell community on the west side pf the growing town of Barnstaple. It will serve almost entirely new housing with some pupils living in more traditional housing in nearby Sticklepath, Bickington and Fremington.  

Vision - what we believe in

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