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Here at Roundswell Community Primary Academy, we have just started some fantastic clubs. We have Art, Outdoor Learning, Games, Athletics, Running, Choir and Multi Skills. There is also a Tennis Club led by an external company called Devonshire Tennis Academy. 

Art Club

The children have really enjoyed Art Club and have shown real enthusiasm. They have made elephants out of old milk bottles. Thankyou to those of you who kindly bought in any items we requested in order to make some exciting pieces of art!
art club home work.png

Oscar and Emily created these amazing halloween creations at home! Well done, you've done an amazing job! We are always proud to showcase all of the children's work done both at home and at school. 

art club home.png

Outdoor Learning

forest club scarecrow at arlington court.jpg
Every year, we like to create our own school scarecrow to donate to Arlington Court. Arlington Court then use our scarecrow along with other donated scarecrows to create a trail for visitors to enjoy. Arlington court usually do a pumpkin trail in October to celebrate Halloween. If you visit Arlington Court, have a look and see if you can spot a creation from our school! 
Outdoor 1.jpg
In the Spring term, our children have been focusing on leaves and the different textures of leaves underneath paper. They experimented colouring paper over the top of various leaves to see what pattern they could create. 
Miss Galliford found a small frog in our forest school which the children were very excited to meet! The small frog has become quite the celebrity of the Forest School! 

In the Summer term, the children have been helping to create a welcoming and safe place for children to learn outside. They have been learning how to grow fruit and vegetables, sowing seeds and planting flowers, they have made a scarecrow to protect the crop, helped to build growing structures and a large den, weaved long grass for make bird nest, made their own stencils using leaves and mud, provided resources for a national bird watch, used natural resources to create eggs for a hunt, enjoyed sharing stories around their very own seating area and even taken some grown produce home! Outdoor learning has encouraged all children in the school to get involved by painting pebbles to place in the area and helped to plant over 100 trees, enabling the area to develop further to enrich the learning opportunities and fun to be had. 

Arlington Court Christmas Trees
Forest School have been busy creating a Christmas Tree for Arlington Court.  There will be over 200 wooden Christmas trees to see there- I wonder if you can spot the Roundswell Tree!
xmas tree .jpg

Games Club

Games 2.JPG
Games 4.JPG
Games 3.JPG
WIN_20231030_15_46_31_Pro (002).jpg
games 1.JPG
In Games Club, the children are taught how to play different games. Many of the games, the children are familiar with but there are a few they were unfamiliar with and so had to learn the rules. The children are learning to work individually, using their own initiative but also to work as part of a team and problem solve. 

Athletics Club

Athletics 5.jpg
Athletics 7 (1).jpg
Athletics 6.jpg

Construction Club

In Construction Club, the children have a different challenge each week. They have had to construct various things such as robots, aliens and different animals. Look at these brilliant creations!
Construction 1.jpg
construction 2.jpg

Running Club

In Running Club, we have been practising our starting positions to make sure we set off as quick as we can! We have practised long runs, short runs and relays. The children have really impressed us with their running technique!

big run.jpg
big run 2.jpg
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